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Commodity insurance

We will do our best to ensure that your goods arrive to your destination in a timely manner and without damaging but it is impossible to anticipate and avoid all the risks that may come on the way.
Cargo transport insurance possibilities are carrier’s liability insurance, forwarder’s liability insurance and cargo insurance.
All goods carried by us are covered by CMR insurance and the liability is directly related to the gross weight of the goods transported.

The carrier’s liability for the various modes of transport is as follows:

  • In road transport, up to 8.33 SDR gross weight per kg
  • In air transport, up to 19.00 SDR gross weight per kg
  • In maritime transport, up to 2.00 SDR gross weight per kg

* 1 SDR = ~1,22 EUR (01.06.2017), You can find the value of today’s SDRs here!

In the case of valuable goods, we advise the client to make transport insurance as well. It is possible to conclude a one-time policy per shipment or long-term policy for multiple shipments. In case of cargo insurance must be kept in mind that insurance does not cover the insurance object if it is damaged because of the packaging is poor or unsuitable.

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