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Packing of goods

During transportation, goods are influenced by strong forces and the risk of damage to the packaging and goods is high. If the goods are packed insufficiently for transportation they may be damaged even though the workers and terminals are careful. Proper and safe packaging of goods is the best way to prevent damage that may occur in transport.

Proper packaging is equally imortant for transport service provider as it is for the owner of the goods. it makes transport safer for the employee, for other goods and for the transport vehicle. The choice of suitable transport packaging should be based on the product or product characteristics, the manner of handling the goods and the distance to which the consignment has to travel. At the same time, please keep in mind that the longer distance your shipment passes, the more you need to take care on both the outer and the inner packaging.

For delicate items, it’s very important to use a delicate item sticker, in order to draw the attention of both drivers and terminal workers to the specifics of the goods. However, it should be taken into account that “Handle with care” or “Fragile” is only informative and does not replace careful packaging.


In case you have questions about choosing the correct and sufficient package for your goods, it is safe to contact our transport managers and ask for advice.

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